Bear Creek Sponsors 'Farm to Frame' Photography Exhibition at Crooked Tree Arts Center

Nov 06 , 2014

What could be better than spending an evening with artists, farmers, and local food appreciators and extraordinaires! Not much!

Crooked Tree Arts Center and ISLAND (the Institute for Sustainable Living, Art, and Natural Design) have teamed up for a third year, in order to bring you the photography competition and exhibit, "Farm to Frame." If you are in the area, then this exhibition is definitely worth a visit! Check it out, now through December at the Crooked Tree Arts Center in Downtown Petoskey.

Additionally, Bear Creek Organic Farm sponsored the award for Best Portrait! We are happy to support such a beautiful event featuring our two biggest passions - art and farming! Below you can see Anne and Brian next to the Best Portrait Photograph of Greg Carpenter of Crooked Tree Breadworks inspecting the first local grain harvest in these parts in a long while! Farm friend Hal Willens took the photo, and fellow farmer Jonathon Scheel grew the grain in the photo!
And guess what?! Bear Creek will be home to some 18 acres of Jonathon's local, organic whole wheat this coming season - all destined for Crooked Tree Breadworks, the best bakery in this side of the Bridge! We couldn't be happier to play host to such an integral piece of our local food economy.

Congratulations artists and farmers! The show looks beautiful, the farms look stunning, and there's a lot of hard work being celebrated in those photographs - cheers to a great 2014 season!

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