Bear Creek Organic Farm Named 2015 Northern Michigan Local Food Hero!

Oct 31 , 2015

 The Northern Michigan Local Food Hero Award is an award presented each fall at the Around the Table Local Foods Conference held at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey. Designed to recognize a local food superhero or heroine for their contributions, accomplishments, and good deeds to the Northern Michigan Local Food Community. The 2015 Award featured the highest voter turnout and largest diversity of nominations since the Award's inception.

We at Bear Creek Organic Farm are deeply humbled and sincerely grateful to receive this honor! There are many businesses, farmers, and food advocates doing excellent work in northern Michigan on the local foods front and we are thrilled people thought our efforts over the last couple years worthy of this honor. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU everyone for the continued support and passion for healthy, local, organic food! 

A few words from the Conference about Bear Creek Organic Farm by community members who nominated Anne & Brian for this award:

"Anne and Brian have transformed what it means to be a local farmer. Not only have they built a sustainable and growing business model, but they do so with full transparency which gives people a reason to trust and know their farmer. They are models in the farming and business community. They are leading by example that farmers can earn a living wage."

"They give back to the community with their knowledge and with their produce. Held classes for children at their farm to help connect kids with their food, taught workshops on bees to help inform people of bee's important role, provided our town with the highest quality produce and honey, shared their financial records and business model to help others build a successful business, and taught art classes to the community. Not only do these two take time to mentor children with farm focused activities, they also coach basketball and teach art, keeping a strong presence in the community."

"They have brought hope. A hope that instills faith that there is still passion to spread the love of watching life's force grow with delicious food and healthy people." 

For a full description of the event, Local Food Hero Award, and interview with Anne & Brian in the local newspaper please click here.



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