Is your farm USDA Certified Organic?

YES! We're proud to say that every square inch of our 76-acre farm is 100% USDA Certified Organic. We were Petoskey's first USDA Certified Organic farm and continue to be the only 100% Certified Organic Farm in Petoskey. Our certifier is Nature's International Certification Services based in Viroqua, WI and we have been certified organic since our farm's inception in 2013. We are also a Certified B Corp! The first B Corp Farm in Michigan!


Is your honey certified organic, too?

Unfortunately, no. Because we cannot control where our honeybees forage, it is almost impossible to certify honey as organic in the continental United States. An often overlooked fact in keeping bees is that much of their chemical exposure occurs IN the hive with beekeeper-applied pesticides. We NEVER use pesticides inside of the hive, period. We are proud of this fact, and unique in our management practices - we also think it is one reason our customers always comment on how crisp, smooth, and delicious our honey tastes! We call it Pure. Raw. Bliss. for a reason! 


Why is your honey raw? 

Our honey is raw because that's how the bees prepare it! Raw honey means that it has never been pasteurized, filtered, or purged of its nutrients! Raw honey contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and beneficial enzymes that our bodies need. Heating it up kills off those beneficial attributes and turns it into little more than a liquid sweetener. Raw honey is different - it naturally crystallizes over time, never goes bad, and can be used on everything from tea and toast to lip balms and wound care.  


Do you have a CSA?

At this point we do not operate a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Instead, we created the Bear Creek Membership Program to let members save 10% all year long on exactly the items they want!  

What is the Bear Creek Membership Program?


Think of it like a membership to an exclusive club of farm customers who want access to exclusive offers, get discounts on their purchases, and want to support a thriving local farm! For only $20 you can join the loyalty program. You will immediately get a custom Bear Creek reusable shopping bag, with which, you enable discounts when shopping at our on-farm market, buying in bulk, or pre-ordering. When you shop with the Bear Creek Bag, you will receive 10% off of your produce purchases, 10% off of plant purchases, and 10% off just about everything else! There is no limit to these savings.

And the membership really pays off during our Spring Plant Sale. Bear Creek Members are invited to special Plant Sale Preview days to shop the Plant Sale before we open to the public. Not only that - but you will save 10% off of ALL your organic transplants AND be able to take advantage of our layaway plan - so you can reserve your plants ahead of time but wait to plant them until it's warm enough or you're back in town. 


Do you have an on-farm market?

Yes! As of 2020, we now operate an on-farm market on our farm! Check Google for our most current hours of operation. We are open from May through December.   

Do you offer tours of your farm?

You bet! We love sharing our farm with our customers, chefs, and out-of-town visitors! We offer monthly tours that are free and open to the public at least once a month from May-September. Check our Farm Tours tab above for this season's dates and times.