Healthcare for Farmers

$ 10.00

We believe farmers deserve benefits. Not just extra produce and free tan lines. We're talking real benefits.

In 2023, we are pleased to be able to offer comprehensive health and dental insurance to all of our full-time, year-round employees.

Customers often ask how they can support the farm besides shopping at the market. Will we accept donations? How best to help us grow and thrive?

Here's your chance!

We have never solicited gifts or donations before, and we cannot think of a more worthy cause.

When considering supporting our efforts, you should know: 

100% of these dollars will go towards employee health insurance.
We contribute 100% of all sunflower sales to the insurance pool.
We are not aiming for cheap insurance, we are going for great coverage.
We are attempting to creatively fund this effort so we can avoid raising food prices for our customers.


By investing in our staff, you are investing in a sustainable local food economy.

Far too many 'sustainable' farms suffer employee burnout, high turnover rates, and substandard wages. Keeping good farm workers employed, insured, and happy is critical to our future.

If you want to see our farm flourish, enable us to keep the best humans doing this good work, and build the sustainable future we all deserve, we genuinely believe that health insurance is a cornerstone of that future.  


A note on sunflower sales: 

Sunflowers were the very first crop our farm grew.

They were supposed to be for our wedding. They matured too late, and we sold them instead.

Sunflowers represent the first dollar we've ever earned. Sunflowers represent optimism. They represent happiness. They represent summer, sunshine, and promise.

Our farm's journey past, present, and future, has always involved sunflowers. We believe in the power of sunflowers. And we are confident that we can make something so beautiful to look at, contribute so positively to our farm's future.

We contribute 100% of sunflower sales to our employee insurance fund. One good week of sunflower sales can cover an entire month of insurance for our employees. BUT, sunflowers are only around for a few weeks each year.