Buckwheat Seed (Organic)

Our most widely grown bee forage here on the farm, Buckwheat (fagopyrum esculentum) is the fastest-growing, easiest to establish bee-friendly flower you can plant.


With abundant white blossoms, buckwheat flowers are a popular honeybee forage for the first half of the day. It also draws in many other native pollinators and varieties of bees. A major asset of buckwheat is its lower cost and ease of growing, it's hard to mess up buckwheat! And with such a quick period from seed to flower, it is possible to succession plant buckwheat for multiple floral cycles to maximize honeybee benefit. One of our favorite practices on the farm is to plant a late buckwheat crop so the bees have someting to forage on in the late-summer early fall when there is often less available.

And best of all, all of our buckwheat seed is USDA certified organic, so you can be sure that it is the best seed for the bees!


Grows in most soil types, can be seeded late April through late August.


1 lb covers approx. 500 sq. ft.

10 lb covers approx. 5000 sq. ft.

40-80 lbs per acre.

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