Bear Creek Raw Honey - Farm Store

$ 4.95

 2020 Honey Harvest is NOW AVAILABLE! 

This is our unfiltered, unheated, and never-blended raw honey!

With notes of blackberry, basswood, and sweet clover, this is a light, floral, and smooth honey. Almost the color of freshly harvested nectar, we can't get over its brightness and crisp complexion.

If you have never experienced Bear Creek Raw Honey before, you are in for a treat! We're not kidding when we call it Pure. Raw. Bliss. Just ask any of our customers, it's a full-sensory experience that leaves your tastebuds dancing a happy dance like never before. It's that good. 

Flavor Notes: Rose, Honeysuckle, Clover, Mint, Blackberry

Raw honey will stay fresh for several thousand years, so don't worry about getting a bigger jar - after all, the biggest threat to your honey sticking around is most likely your spoon! Don't say we didn't warn you!


Due to the wild nature of honeybees, though our entire farm is certified organic, all honey is not certified organic. Honeybees forage on approximately 20,000 acres, and we only own 76 certified organic acres.