Adopt a Hive

Our adopt-a-hive program allows individuals to purchase a share or shares of a beehive on our farm. Each hive is divided into 12 shares, and can be adopted by the share, quarter hive, half hive, or whole hive. As an adoptive hive parent, you will receive periodic updates on the hive's progress throughout the season, a photo of the queen, a tour of your hive (if proximity permits), and 2 to 24 jars of honey, depending on your share of the hive. 

One hive share ($44) receives 2 jars of honey

1/4 hive ($132) receives 6 jars of honey

1/2 hive ($256) receives 12 jars of honey, 

Whole hive ($472) receives 24 jars of honey, chooses the queen's name, and her hive's name 

Read full description of our adopt-a-hive program here!


Helping the bees never tasted so sweet! 

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