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Chemically they are 'water solutions'

In Greek they are hydro 'water' and Latin sol 'solution'

In aromatherapy they go by hydrolates, hydrolats, plant waters, and floral waters.

In our world, they are the pure essence of our most aromatic herbs.

They are produced using old-world steam-distillation in our copper alembic still.

Their uses are varied, but most commonly used in aromatherapy, cleaning, and homeopathic medicine. Pet spray, bath water, bug repellent, linen spray, window cleaner, air freshener, flavor enhancer, facial toner, or disinfectant spray. 

No matter how you use our hydrosols, you can use them knowing they were made with care, grown with love, and contain only one ingredient each. 

Know this: they are NOT fresh water with essential oil added. They are not 'rose water' with rose essence concentrate. They are not mixed concoctions. No. They are the pure distilled condensate from organic plant materials harvested fresh on our farm and distilled within minutes after harvest.

They are the soul of the plant. A complex plant water matrix composed of plant cells released during steam distillation. And we are SO happy to be able to offer the following hydrosols:

Lemon Balm 
Lemon Thyme* Sold out until Summer 2021